Why you need professional advice?


A Certified Financial Planner is an individual who specializes in developing a complex and comprehensive personal financial road map for clients.  He is a person who is qualified and has undergone extensive training in all areas of financial planning which include; investment, tax, insurance, retirement and estate planning. Financial planning professionals make it their priority to give careful consideration to every area of their client's financial concerns. They are well trained to coordinate the work of other experts (Lawyers, Accountants, Money Lenders, Mortgage brokers... etc.) to develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan.

The Excellent Advisor

We believe that the excellent adviser will essentially act as a trusted mentor helping the client navigate the rough waters of financial planning. Here is a few of the benefits of using our services:


Work together to build a customized plan: Will help you design a customized comprehensive financial plan that suits your individual situation, taking into account your financial goals and needs.


Hold your hand: Many individuals make dramatic changes to their plan, on fairly regular basis, without notice. Failure to have a plan and/ or closely following your plan is one of the principal reasons for ultimate failure and poor financial health.


Act as a tutor: Will raise warning signs when you try doing things which might be hazardous to your financial health. As human beings we often get urges to act on emotion. Such actions often have negative financial consequences e.g. chasing hot returns and attempting market timing.      


Keep you informed about the latest in the industry: We are constantly updating our knowledge about the latest trends in the industry, new  products in the market and any changes in tax laws that might affect your personal situation.


Give you access to all products: We are committed to be unbiased and help you select the best product that will work best to achieve your goals, taking into consideration your risk tolerance and time horizon. As an independent planners, dealing with all financial institutions and knowledgeable about different products available in the market place, we promote a wide variety of products and services-rather than focusing solely on the wares of one "sponsoring" financial institution.

Planning for that next step in life isn't always easy. Every decision we make has a serious implication on our present and future financial   situation.

Buying a new home; sending a child to university; coping with elderly parents; receiving an inheritance; suffering a critical illness;   going through divorce or death of a spouse. All life events will have a serious and some times permanent effect on your financial disposition.  Take advantage of our expertise, and gain trusted advice to help you prepare for life unexpected events.

Certified Financial Planner

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Are you saving enought?

Can a Certified Financial Planner help you?


Ask your self...Do I need the help of a financial planner ? Then react

to the following statements...


  • I sleep well, knowing my investments are well structured for up and down markets.
  • I understand the tax implications of my decisions.
  • I have the time and skills to put my own financial plan together.
  • I have money saved for what I know and don't know will happen.
  • I am ready for retirement. Just don't ask me when and how.


May be you could use the help of a Certified Financial Planner...


Are you investing wisely?